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Slots guide

Online Slots Guide

We all know that online slot machines are usually the most lucrative part of the casino floor. More space is devoted to slot machine gaming than any other games in casino, from Las Vegas to tribal casinos to Monte Carlo. The same can be seen for online games. That is the reason why our slot guide covers both physical and online slot machines.For BestOnlineCasinos.com, you can find everything from IGT and Bally slot machines to free online games and 3D slots. Our slots guide contains reviews to some of the most common Vegas games as well as online games. We even have 50+ games which you can play on our site for free. 

If you love mobile, no problem! We have our mobile slots guide. This section outlines where you can
play for free as well real money. The mobile section includes a devoted page for each device,
comparison reviews and more.

Types of Slot Machines

There are a few different types of slot machines, a modern slot player only really has to know straight
slots, video slots, progressive slots, and Buy-a-Pay slot machines.
Straight slots - These are traditional slot games. They do not offer bonuses, and they pay out based on a standard pay table. Straight slots are the simplest slot machines to play. They are good for beginners. If you are just becoming used to the basics of slot gambling, go on with the straight slots. If you are bored or you want more actions, consider coming to video slots.

Video slots - “Video slots” are the more exciting slot machines on the floor. These machines often have bigger screens to show movie quality video and animations. These slots seem to be loud, flashy, and are often made in a conspicuous part of the casino floor to draw attention. Video slots tend to hold licensed themes, such as from movies or TV shows, and some of them are just full of bonus games and other features.
Progressive slots - “Progressive slots” are connected to other machines in the casino or even other slot machines at casinos around the country. The leading jackpot for these machines is linked to other slots. A small percentage of each bet is plus to a progressive jackpot sum.  Spin the right combination on your machine and the total progressive jackpot belongs to you. Progressive slot machines tend to give a worse payout percentage than machines which are not linked progressively, so it is a bit of a risk switching to a progressive machine and pursue the jackpot.
Buy a Pay slots - Buy a Pay slots games own more than just one payout table which you can bet on, and you select how many tables to wager for each pull. Betting an additional payout table costs an extra bet for each one. Yes, it ends up spending more money to bet on Buy a Pay slots, yet  your chances to win are better, too. Since various combinations pay out different amounts on each activated payout table, the number of potentially profitable combinations goes up.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Gone are the old electro-mechanical slots with static shows and heavy frames. Nowadays, everything
inside a modern slot machine is operated by a random number generator, a fancy device spitting out
numbers all day. For instance, when you pull the lever or push the spin button or in any way activate the reels to begin spinning, that random number generator comes up with a random number to assign to your spin, and that is how it is decided if you win or lose.
If you know that today’s slot machines have a brain running on random numbers, you can avoid going for inaccurate slot machine strategies. Anything you see online or hear from a friend suggesting that slot machines are beaten is bunk. Every spin of the reels of a slot machine is distinctive from the one before it and has nothing to do with the one after it.

Tips for Playing Slot Machines

Now you know slot machine outcomes are based on a random chance, do you feel like there is no way to beat them? Do not feel that way. Many people win a lot of money playing the slot machines at their land based casino or online betting sites. The tip is to keep your gambling in responsible limits and have great fun.

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