Thursday, 25 February 2016

Players should bet on Baner or Player when playing Baccarat

With simple way of playing, easy understand and not needing high strategies, baccarat
online has become one of the best choice casino online in the world. In this game, each
player always has different strategies for betting and that why players have more
chance for winning. But one thing makes player wonder that player should bet on
banner or player?

Almost people consider baccarat which is a risking game so choosing the betting door is
based on intuition. But truly, everything has basis, but which basis for betting when
playing baccarat? Let’s find out professional players talk about that.
Mathematicians of Leptontoi technology school – Russia have used super computer to
do one billion Baccara simulated games in order to calculate appearing rate at Baccarat.

The result of the research shows that:

Appearing rate: in Player 45%, banker 55% and Tie 12%.
As you can see, whenever almost appearing rate of Banker is more than Player, and so
on, winning rate of banker always is more than player.

However reliable Bookies (scr88, ucw88, m88, 138Bet…) give winning rate when
betting player is 1 – 1, banker is 1 – 0.95 and Tie is 1 – 7. That means player bet on
Player will not need to pay commission 5% after winning such as betting Banker and
Player which seem becoming a better choice.

Those factors perform the fair of game. When you bet on any door which has high
winning rate, then the money you win is lower than the betting door which has lower
winning rate.

However, players need to understand more card withdrawing rules of Baccarat. Maybe
you realize that the advantage points of card withdrawing favor Banker more. When
comparing point of 2 Banker cards, if total point of 2 those cards is 6 and the point of
Player after withdrawing card is 6 or 7 then Banker can withdraw more cards, But
Player can not withdraw more.

Besides, if total point of player after withdrawing is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 then Banker will
not need to withdraw. So on, these factors show that the withdrawing rules of real
Baccarat will has disadvantages which stop Player door. That why people say that
Banker door has more advantages.

But you should note that, you not only depend on the Probability but also on the how
many time and betting number of player. So on, if you are smart, you need a good
strategy about capital and betting level in order to turn upside down in every
circumstance with every casino game online.


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