Friday, 27 May 2016

Mobile casino Malaysia - Social Dynamic

Some of the interest of casino keno in Mobile casino Malaysia is that it can be played alone, or it can fit well into a dynamic of social communication if that's the way you want it. I'm not all in all sure my mother would like to play the game at Mobile casino Malaysia. On her semi-regular casino visits, she will like to sit and play in the casino's keno lounge with her friends. They relaxed during the environment, played the games, compared notes, drank coffee, had a good time, and spend their money itself out more than slots machines normally could. It doesn't quite work that way when you're pulling the game up in a browser. In Mobile casino Malaysia, online keno tends to take the social aspect out of the overall mix. Actually, one might think emptiness to be a primary motivating factor for someone playing online keno. Emptiness might indeed be preferable in dealing with the pace of the online gambling game, which is faster, for sure. The game is not only a period of filling out the card, handing it in, and waiting in anticipation for the numbers to be drawn. In the internet-based keno game, you will be find out almost directly if you're a winner or not. In a way, it discard the restful charm it enjoys when played in a physical location, but it's perfect for those who likes instant gratification. My mom, on the other hand, will rather move at a snail's pace. And there's maybe something else that wouldn't sit well with her. In Mobile casino Malaysia, you can see the numbers chosen through the "blower," on closed circuit television. For those people like her, that offered an added confidence and interesting point in the game to attract more players to Mobile casino Malaysia. As we play the game in Mobile casino Malaysia, the numbers are also choose at random, but they're guide by something called "algorithms." And when you are as advanced in years as my mother, that kind of thing just sounds like a tough medical term.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Online casino Malaysia - Multi Dealer Blackjack

In online casino Malaysia games multiplayer games are fairly common. In these games as the player can simultaneously wager a number of hands against a single dealer. Online casino Malaysia has reversed this concept in its Video Blackjack game. Here a player wagers against a number of dealer's hands in the same game. What makes Video Blackjack more exciting is that the player can opt for wagering a number of player's hands against a number of dealer's hands. To illustrate how Video Blackjack works let us assume that the player has selected three dealer's hands and three player's hands. Each player hand is compared against three dealer's hands, which makes nine games in all. Therefore if the player wagers RM1 per hand then his total wager is RM9. The dealing of the cards follows the usual pattern. Two cards are dealt face up for each player hand and two cards are dealt for each dealer hand. In the dealer hand one card is dealt face down and the other is dealt face up. The face up cards is identical for all dealer hands. The player plays each hand in turn in the usual manner. Since he is playing against the same dealer face up card in all dealer hands he can employ the optimum blackjack strategy without any problem. After the player completes playing all three hands the dealer's face down cards are turned over and hands played according to blackjack rules instantly. Simultaneously the software compares each player hand with each dealer hand and awards the payouts. In order to understand how the payouts are made let us assume that the dealer's totals are 17, 19 and 24. The player's first hand busts and therefore he loses against all three dealer hands and receives no payouts. The player's second hand has a total of 20 and he wins against all three dealer hands and receives even many payouts. Against the initial wager of RM1 per hand the player gets back RM3 in winnings and RM3 as the initial wager. The player's third hand has a total of 18. He therefore wins against two of the dealer hands and receives RM2 in winnings and RM2 as the initial wager. Therefore against the total initial wager of RM9 the player gets back RM10. The outcome is displayed graphically in a very clear manner. Below each of the player's hands are three boxes. The green box indicates the number of wins for this hand, the orange box indicates the number of pushes and the red box indicates the number of losses. When the cursor is moved over the green box the dealer hands that have lost are highlighted and the other hands fade away. This makes it easy for the player to make the comparison and understand what is happening. This graphical representation will be especially helpful to new players. The flexibility that Video Blackjack offers is awesome. The player can choose from 3 dealer hands to 50 dealer hands and from 1 player hand to 5 player hands. At the highest choices the player will be playing 250 hands simultaneously. The betting range varies from RM0.10 per hand to RM50 per hand and therefore high rollers can have a ball.(See more at here)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Malaysia online casino – the best collection of online casino for you

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If you are usually play online casino, surely you have to know about Malaysia online casino. This is a collection of online casino in Malaysia, it gives you the best lifelike gamble with color, sound, great picture. And you can easily take part in gambling, entertainment and making money, earning reward. Before you take part in any Malaysia online casino, you should read carefully the following notes. You can select to yourself a suitable online casino in Malaysia, and you can win with the great reward.

We can not deny next to benefits from playing the casino club will help the gamers in land based on casino to get a better opportunity to win the casino game, However, the bonus money which is given through online casino also keep the gamers as the loyal customers. If you want to win Malaysia online casino, you had better need to join the game by using following notes.
With more than 150 online scr888 casino that agree Malaysian players, this is an impressive figure for players can freely choose for themselves a suitable casino game. Take a look at the best online casinos for Malaysian players and begin having some fun.
It is not contingent that players have selected the game of Malaysia online casino. Have some reasons that explain why Malaysia online casino have chosen and loved:

The first reason is bonuses

One of the most important features to a Malaysia online casino is the size of the bonus it gives to new gamers.  These can come in a large range of shapes and sizes and you had better always inspect the terms and conditions of each element before registering.
The second reason that Malaysia online casino has been loved by gamers is safety and Security
I can say the game of Malaysia online casino have many security measures. This is really important because No one in their right mind wants to hand over money to a casino that seems unreliable, and no one wants your information is public.

The third reason is Range Of Games

They all feature loads of the latest and the best slots from a large range of software companies including Play tech, Net Entertainment and Quick spin and there is always something new to try to play

The last reason is ease of use

At the end, it is very important for a casino to offer a user experience which makes you want to come back and play again.  For example, can you find everything you want in one click from the front page? Many things combine to create a good browsing experience and Malaysia online casino does just that
In summary, the Malaysian online casino games are great game. You just need a networked computer, time, and a little money and you will have moments of relaxation in your own home and earn the great rewards. I hope that you will choose for yourself a matching game and have great experience. But before playing any games, read the instructions carefully.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Malaysia online live casino - Blackjack Games

Types of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most common card game at Malaysia online live casino, so it is not absolutely surprising that there are various variations of the game with new customized versions which are brought out by various casinos regularly.
The most largely seen Blackjack variations are European, Atlantic City and Vegas Blackjack; nevertheless, there are a huge number of other games which we detail for you as below. The most crucial place to begin when selecting a game that you have an intention of winning your bets on is to take a look at the odds, or house edge before playing. This is necessary as the higher the house advantage, the less chance you have of winning regularly:
Atlantic City Blackjack
Bonus Blackjack
Double Exposure Blackjack
European Blackjack
Spanish Blackjack
Vegas Downtown Blackjack
Vegas Strip Blackjack

It is essential to note though, that the house edge can change on these games depend on where you play and owing to certain rules, so keep in mind that you check up on this too before you have chosen a Malaysia online live casino.
Now let's look at each of these games and how they are different from one another:

Atlantic City Blackjack

This interesting variation of the classic blackjack game provides both single and multi-hand options at most casinos and both versions have similar rules and tips for game play. Even though on multi-hand versions you will obviously spend more!
Atlantic City Blackjack often has one of the smaller house edges at casinos. While it is not very different from Classic Blackjack, it is an American Hole Card game that is played with 8 decks of cards. The dealer has 2 cards at the start of the game and checks for blackjack and if he has it, the game finishes before you can lose money by doubling. The dealer is the one who stands on soft 17 in this game.
In this game, you can double on any of the first 2 cards, and a double once a split is allowed. You can then re-split cards into three hands and late surrender is permitted.

Bonus Blackjack
This Blackjack game is similar to  European Blackjack, but features an extra bonus option meaning that this game often pays out a great deal more than the other games at a Malaysia online live casino.
Blackjack is enjoyed with two decks of cards, according to initial blackjack rules and if you bet on the "bonus" option on the table, hands of "Blackjack" featuring a Jack and an Ace of Spades pay out at 50:1, with Jacks of any other suit followed by an Ace payout at 25:1.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack differs quite considerably from the classic versions of the game, being played with eight decks of cards, with both of the dealer's cards being dealt facing upwards. You may think that this will give you the advantage, but rules have been put into place to make sure that this is not the case, and in fact, create a house edge of 0.69%,  one of the highest amongst the different blackjack variations.
Within the framework of the rules, the Dealer wins all ties apart from on blackjack which pays 1 to 1. The dealer hits on soft 17. One card is requested to split aces, and a player may re-split cards into 4 hands. Doubles are only allowed on hard 9, 10 and 11 and a double after a split is permitted. All player wins  which include blackjack pay 1 to 1

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is a variation of Classic Blackjack and is the same as the initial game that you were probably told. The rules are very straight, and the game is enjoyed with 2 standard decks of playing cards.
In this game, Blackjack always hits any other hand with a value of 21 and all face cards – Kings, Queens and Jacks of any designation have a value of 10. Aces value 1 or 11. During game play, a player can require to be "hit" in order to obtain up to nine extra cards.
The Dealer will stand on hands with the value of 17 and if his/her hand values over 21, it is a "bust" and the player automatically gains. When the player hand and the Dealer's hand tie, even on Blackjack, this is regarded as a "Push". Should the Dealer have Blackjack, both initial and doubled bets are lost. Insurance is available on the players hand when the dealer's original card is an ace and all Wins are paid out at 3 to 2.

Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is an American Hole card game which is totally different to any other variation of the game because it is played with 8 Spanish decks of cards that includes 48 instead of 52 cards as the ten cards are removed. This gives the house a big advantage if you do not know all of the rules of game play.
The dealer will peak on 10 and Ace cards for Blackjack and will hit on soft 17. In this game Player Blackjack and 21 beat Dealer Blackjack and 21 accordingly. Late surrender isallowed and one may Double Down on any number of cards, as well as after a split but can only re-Double Down once. Player Surrender after Doubling Down is permitted. A player may split three times to make 4 hands, and Aces can be re-splited.
Payouts are different by values as follows:
5 cards with a value of 21 pay 3:2
6 cards with a value of 21 pay 2:1
7 or more cards with a value of 21 pay 3:1
6-7-8 or 7-7-7 mixed suits pay 3:2
6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of same suits pay 2:1
6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of the Spades suit pays 3:1
Suited 7-7-7 when the dealer holds 7 face up pays 50:1

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is an American Hole Card game at Malaysia online live casino and is usually seen in single and multi-hand variations. Depending on the selected variation, strategies will differ quite remarkably but the general game remains the same.
This game is like classic blackjack and is enjoyed with 2 decks of standard playing cards. The Dealer hits on soft 17 meaning that he/she has a greater chance of busting and peeks for blackjack. Players may Double on the original two cards as well as after a split. You can also re-split cards into three hands.
This game differs, nevertheless, in that should the player split an Ace and then receive a card with the value of 10, the overall value is 21 and not Blackjack, meaning you are still hit by Blackjack.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most played version of the Vegas Blackjack games owning to its slightly smaller house edge. It is essentially enjoyed in the same way as the classic game but is played with 4 decks of playing cards, meaning the odds are better for you in the single hand version. Multi-hand versions have worse odds since the likelihood of receiving the card you need for the hands you hold is reduced.
As with Vegas Downtown Blackjack, in this game if the player splits an Ace and then gets a card which values of 10, the overall value is 21 and not Black Jack. The Dealer stands on soft 17 reducing the chances of him/her busting, but raising the chances of a player win of hands valued at 18 or higher.
Most of the above discussed games are featured in Malaysia online live casino where you can even enjoy live dealer casino Malaysia in real time with human dealers that is really a lot of fun. But if Blackjack is not the game for you then you can read learn about American and European Roulette.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Slot great blue – an incredible betting game by Play Tech

After a long day of fatigable labor in the company or an office, you usually go home and rest? Have you ever thought of spending the rest, not only you can earn an income or a great reward which is not small, but also you can still relax, if you do not believe me, you should try to join our game – slot great blue. Slot great blue is a very hot betting game which will surely blow your stress fatigue. And more importantly, you will be able to earn a large bonus amount.
When you open Slot great blue, the characteristics of the graphics, interface, icons, rewards, or the fun when you take part in this game will let you know, why I said, this game is suitable for you when stress.
The first, about cute icons of slot great blue
Slot great blue has an ocean background and has some of the friendliest creatures you’ll ever meet – you never meet in the other games. Find sea horses, starfish, turtles, sharks, colorful clownfish that everyone likes. Something that you’ll recognize right away when you check out the pay table is that there are two independent payouts for each of the combinations. The first line is the cost of a standard three, four or five icon in a row win, that’s a pretty hefty load. Then, wait till you see the next column. This right hand column is double the left one, and it represents the value of your wins when you make the combinations using the wild symbol. That means you get double the amount of reward when the wild card is contained in your victory.
The second, something about slot great blue highlights
The animation in the deep blue ocean is so entertaining and pleasurable. The articles will dance around and jump out of their reels when winning combos are created. It create winning even more exciting than before. Talking about the big wins, the great reward, let’s talk about some singular symbols right now. The wild cared you can use to twice your scores is the key character for these slot great blue or the other betting games. It stands in for any other icon for a bigger and better combination. As usual, the scatter stands on its own, no wilds to help it out. On the other hand, the scatter icon has the added gain that it doesn’t need to be found in any specific position on the screen. No matter where the scatter symbol appears, it will count! The pearl sitting on the clamshell bed is the scatter image, and this is going to give you an incredible bonus. You can win up to thirty-three free rounds from this icon. You will also have a chance to multiply your score by fifteen when you play these rounds!
Oh, can you see? The simple bonus can become an incredible bonus. And you, it’s you will become the winner, if you take part inslot great blue right now. So what are you waiting for? Let’s come with us, relax and get bonus.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Live dealer casino Malaysia - How to increase your win rates?

Summary: Read on this new article that will reveal some of the best tips to help you increase our chances of winning when make Live dealer casino Malaysia.
If you intent to make an live dealer casino Malaysia, I am sure that you will want to win some cash prizes from that. However, getting a winning is not easy, now, I will share with you some of the best following tips in order to increase your chances of winning prizes through live dealer casino Malaysia.
1. Choose The Best Machines
There are so many different kinds of machines, and each of them has different games. The content behind each machine is same; however, in terms of jackpots, prizes and theme, they could be different. Thus, you have to choose a machine wisely when making live dealer casino Malaysia. If you understand exactly about these machines, you can choose the best machine where you will have the best chance of winning. If you are just aware with a machine, it is advised to try your luck on this machine as you know how to win on that specific machine
2. Build Up Your Bankroll
It means that you have to set how many money you will bet in live dealer casino Malaysia. The best bankroll strategy is to make bets from low prizes. By this, you will not only bet more times but you also get more chances of winning with big prizes such as more jackpots. Try to increase the bet amounts with your amount of winning instead of using your starting money. This will help to save your starting investment which could be used later to make a bet with big money. You just should increase your bet in case that you are winning something. After that, you repeat to play with minimum bets on live dealer casino Malaysia until you win something, then increase the bet amounts.
3. Start From Basic To Advance
In order to learn how to make live dealer casino Malaysia, you should start from basic games. In fact, many new gamblers start trying their luck on the advanced games as they offer better prizes. This is a mistake because to play advanced games, at first, you have to play basic games to understand the way these games work.
4. Do Not Miss Free Promotions
Online casino sites offer free bonuses on winning a game or the registration or playing for specific number of times. This offer contains the discount on your deposit to the site or the use of their physical money. These promotions could be real changer for new players, especially when you make registration on casino sites. You have to keep your credit card to use these promotions when you register the casino. Thus, do not worry about this as it ill not charge you without your allowance.
5. Try Free Games At First
Most of online casino in Malaysia offer you free trial of their games. This offer is created to attract more new gambler to make live dealer casino Malaysia at their casinos. As a gambler, you should take advantage of this option. Thus, do not miss free trial to learn how games have been played online including what kind of prizes you can win and what chances of jackpot you can get.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Explore speed racing with highway king slot game

With its long history, Playtech has developed many kinds of games and highway king slot which inspired from huge trucks racing is one of them and it is worth indulging in.
As you know, highway king slot game is a video about colorful trucks and everything which relate to them. All basic things you need to know about this game is 5 reels, 9 pay lines, free spin, wild and scatter symbols, bonus and max jackpot coins amount to 10,000.

As I say above, the game is based around huge trucks racing. There are 3 trucks with 3 different colors: red, yellow and green. Besides, there are some other symbols related to theme such as plungers, pistons, gas cans, petrol pumps or dices, wheel, etc which will keep your mood up. All of them are bright symbols and easy to realize.
With sound effects of speed, traffic, you will be immersed in the world of adventure racing. The target of the highway king slot game is to reach winning symbol combinations. And you have to control your truck as fast as you can to finish and gain big prize in free games. The truck will stop heaven if the lines pay both ways.
To win thrilling huge racing, you need to pay attention to the highest value symbol is red truck. The game has 2x, 10x, 50x, 500x and 10000x multipliers attached to it for spinning of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It means if you find 5 red trucks, you will gain the maximum prize is 10,000 coins. If bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels at the same time after main game, you will turn on the truck racing bonus. The truck racing bonus also has 3 trucks and each of them stand for the number of free game which I will mention following soon. At this time, you have to pick of the vehicle, then winning from 10 to 25 free games. The place your trucks win at the end of the truck racing will decide the number of free game you get.
To explore the adventure racing in the best entirety, you also need to know about free games which I mention above. When the truck racing bonus finishes, the free games will start. If the bonus icons occur on reels 1 and 5 at the time, you will be granted extra 20 free games. During the free games, the reels are spun automatically by using the same number of lines and bets per line. After all free games stop, an outcome board is summarized and the game will show the winning combinations you reached. By the summarizing total win, you will know did you play the best the highway king slot game? And then, you will try your best in the later times.
Millions of people in the world played this game. Let’s play slot game highway king now for fun, for real money or for anything you wish.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Malaysia casino website – – Promotions

Summary: Read on this new article to discover some bonuses and promotions offered by M8WIN.NET – a prestigious Malaysia online casino.

1. 20% Daily 1st Re-Deposit Bonus (Up To MYR588)

Terms & Conditions
·        This promotion would be applied to all Ali88win members.
·        The least deposit is MYR 30
·        Total deposit amount and promotion must be rolled 12x prior to make a withdrawal.
- Bonus = 20% x MYR 30 = MYR 6
- Deposit = MYR 30
- Rollover requirement = 12 x (30 + 6) = 432
·        Players might just have an active bonus in their account at any single time.
·        This bonus is not applicable to CITIBet, PSBet, and SCR888.
·        Draw result, both sides bet, cancelled or voided games are not included in turnover calculation.
·        Just 50% of the entire wagers placed on any game of Blackjack 21(every variation), Roulette (every variation), RNG and Slot games would be counted towards the rollover requirement.
·        This bonus could be claimed just one time, by one member restricted to one account, from a single IP address in one household.
·        This promotion could just be claimed as you submit your deposit ticket form to the provider of this Malaysia online casino, after completing your banking transaction successfully. This promotion would be credited right away along with your deposit.
·        This Malaysia live casino has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players without prior notice at any time.
·        Subjected to terms of use in the Terms & Conditions of the site. 

2. Sports Instant Cash Rebate, Up To 0.3%

Terms & Conditions
·        This bonus is applied to all members of Ali88win.
·        The least deposit is MYR 30
·        This bonus could be claimed just one member restricted to one account, from one IP address in a single household.
·        Bonus would be credited immediately with every wager.
·        This Malaysia online casino has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players at any time without any initial notice.
·        Subjected to terms of use in the Terms & Conditions of Ali88win. 

3. 0.4% Slots Special Cash Rebate

Terms & Conditions
·        This bonus is applied to all members of Ali88win.
·        The least deposit is MYR 30.
·        No limit and no rollover.
·        The entire promotion needs to be rolled one time prior to make any withdrawal.
·        The least pay out MYR 10 and there is no maximum payout.
·        The entire promotion 0.4% cash rebate to player in Slot Games and based on their entire amount wagered.
·        This bonus is just applicable to product, Lucky Palace, 12win, and New Town.
·        Any product mentioned is not applicable to this bonus.
·        This promotion would be credited one time per week.
·        Ali88win has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players at any time without prior notice.

·        Subjected to terms of use in the Terms & Conditions of this Malaysia online casino

Friday, 6 May 2016

Monkey Thunderbolt- Review of The Monkey Thunderbolt slot game

Summary: Read this review to know more about the Monkey Thunderbolt and then find the way to win this slot game.
Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the commonly – played slot games in Malaysia casinos and websites. Today, I will show you some of the basic information related to the description as well as the main features of this slot game.
1. The Description Of Monkey Thunderbolt
Taking part in this online gambling Malaysia, gamblers will get unforgettable experiences because this slot game is a fun game, which attracts players by its big winning. In the competition of Monkey Thunderbolt, which is taken place every 1000 years, all of the monkeys have to pass a strict and tough training. There are only each generation’s tenth son can pass this amazing race. At the beginning of this slot game, each monkey has to find its own way to reach the sky and then battle against the giant eagles. This is because according to the Chinese legendary story, only the lightest monkey can win the race and reach the top of the world.
In case that you would like to play the Monkey Thunderbolt, the only thing you have to do is to place a bet on your beloved monkey. Besides, you are also able to predict which monkey will finish the race as a runner up and as on top three. The bet panel in this slot game is really complex, so gamblers are allowed to place combined bets with amazing odds.
2. The Features Of Monkey Thunderbolt
Gamblers just have 2 minutes in each game. When there are only 10 seconds left, an amazing sound will be produced by the countdown timers; therefore, do not get embarrassed or even distracted when this game is going to come to the end. In addition to this, in the Monkey Thunderbolt, there are a lot of table seats that gamblers can choose for good results. Besides, gamblers who make the combined bets are likely to get a high winning that is allowed by the sophisticated bet panel.
When the jack pot is offered, the Monkey Thunderbolt will make an appealing jackpot animation that the jackpot solider is displaying. In case that you would like to get a closer approach, you are able to try zooming-in to see each monkey more clearly. The next feature I would like to introduce in this article is that in each of race, gamblers will be offered multi-awards. Nonetheless, there are some chances which monkey land will be made of rope or birds will be able to push down monkeys.
Currently, enjoying Monkey Thunderbolt is really easy because this slot game is compatible to any of web browsers or desktop client. You can play it on online casinos for free or for real money easily. This slot game has some sophisticated algorithm; however, it is able to bring a lot of money as well as profits to the casino owners.

 I hope that this article can bring a general review of the Monkey Thunderbolt to you, and after that, you can try playing it without any worries about this slot game. Let’s play it right now and luckily, you can earn some money from that.