Friday, 23 September 2016

Poker strategies for the beginners

Introduction about Poker
Poker is one of the most well-known games that have widely been accepted by all the casinos of the world. Its innovating popularity can be judged from the reality that daily millions of players play poker. The word poker itself is searched over 1 million times a day. Because of its big demand poker has been made accessible on the Internet. Yes! This is ok. You can even play poker through the internet.
However, still I have found a lot of players are scared of this game since they think it is a game of opportunity and they will loose their cash. But that is not ok. As you believe me then poker, rather than a probabilistic game, is a challenging game which involves presence of mind and capability to make right decision. I gamble if you have the right attitude, skills of this round and can stay calm then no one can beat you in this game.

Make a living by playing poker
I know many people who make a living by only playing poker. Poker is a game of tactic that can simply be learned and applied. Knowing the right plans, necessary skills and a little awareness about as to play and when not, you will be seeing stack of chips at your side. It is a game and so you have to realize that you can not win every time. You may have bad hands and so you have to know when to pull out. The best part of this game is that you can learn all these. Like any other game, poker is a game of skill and you should be a master of these so as to excel in this game.

The basic rules – Texas Hold’em
Many of you may be the same with the cards game named Poker, which is known by different names. One such surprising new version is played in Texas Holdem, which is the most common one. After the initial blinds and antes (see explaination below) have been placed, each gamer gets 2 personal blind cards which cannot be seen till the final showdown.

Anticipation, accompanied with experience comes into play during the first round of gambling named FLOP where 3 community cards are turned over. The TURN and the RIVER card, 4th and 5th in succession are exposed turn by turn after each round of gambling. As its time for showdown, each player uses his intelligence to make the best available 5 card composition spending personal and community cards. Each gamer gets opportunities to deal once in a round. Preferably, everyone likes to spend his blinds but antes are sometimes there at your disposal.
Here is a rank of which hands are the best: Full rank of poker hands
5 things not to do in poker
Explanation of the term blinds:
Forced gambles, just required of two players rather than all gamers at the table. In holdem there are two sorts of blinds:
1. Small Blind, The smaller of two forced bets. Usually 1/2 the minimum opening gambling.
2. Big Blind, The larger of two forced gambles. Usually equal to the minimum opening bet.


  1. Poker strategies for the beginners

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