Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Get On Well With The Great Blue Slot Game

1. Overview About Great Blue Slots Game
Great Blue slots game has 5 reels and 25 paylines with a mulit-coins. On an active payline, a Wild symbol occurs, it will be 2x multiply any winnings. The game also includes features to gamble and Scatter symbols.
By spinning the reels, players are likely to get winning combinations of symbols
2. How to Play Great Blue slots game:
Before you start playing Great Blue slots game, it is important to keep in mind the following things:
- You just need to click "Save Change" button denominations, you can choose the denomination bets. This button is located on the bottom left corner of the screen
- If you want to choose a line bet, simply click on the "Bet per Line". A coin is added to the line bet with one click. 10 denominations of coins bet you select is the largest. Line betting can be reset by pressing the button again to bet to one coin when the number peaked.

- Clicking on the "Online", you can choose paylines. They also turned on by each click. If you activate all the paylines, click this button to reset back to one active payline. In addition, players can use the numbered buttons on each side of a roll to activate paylines, and can also select paylines both high and low paylines in the Great Blue slots game. For example, if you choose payline 6, you can also activate payline from one to five. All paylines with the maximum bet per line and spins the reels can be activated by pressing the "Bet Max".
- The gross bet per game is calculated by multiplying the active paylines and betting lines.
- In order to spin the reels with the current bet lines and lines selected, simply click on the "Spin"
- The "Auto Start" can be played coils. The Auto Start button (- / +) to help you choose the serial number of rounds. Reels will be played by clicking the "Auto Start". Beginning in Auto mode reel spin, it changes to "Stop". This mode will be ended in two cases: click the button "Stop", the selected number of times to spin the reels ended.
- Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the number of bets and the corresponding multiplier in the salary schedule. Line win is calculated by multiplying the line bet and the multiple match based on the salary schedule ... Schedule salary connected to the information page.
- At different paylines in the Great Blue slots game, winning once plus, players only get paid from the highest payline winning combination.
- Victory accumulated displayed by Win field if you win a spin. Players can also click anywhere on the screen to stop the ticker win.
- Black stripe on the bottom of the Great Blue slots game window shows payline wins and total victory.

3. Page info In Great Blue slots game:
- Players can find information about different games at the Great Blue slots game component by clicking the "Info".
- All winning combinations are displayed on the "Paytable screen" it. They are marked and flashes when the transfer window opens after a winning spin.
- Signal to come to the bonus round
- Bonus screen describes the necessary combination of symbols to enter the bonus round and describes the bonus round rules
- On the Gamble screen, information indicating the rules of double-up and show guide players to double their winnings.
- On page Paytable Great Blue slots game, players can click the "Show paylines" to open a possible payline combinations and "paylines hide" to close.
- In the case of players who want to escape from the Info screen and returns to the game, just click the "back".

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