Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Highway King slot free download

This article will introduce and discover some of the main traits of the Highway King slot free download that players need to know. The Highway King slot is available at Malaysia online casino.

  1. Payline
In the Highway King slot free download, the active paylines will be shown in lines appearing on the reels. There is one thing that you need to know about this slot game is that you only win if a combination appears on an active payline, but the Scatter symbol.

  1. Winning Table
In the Highway King slot free play, the tables will shows a certain number for each hit number of each symbol. For instance, if you have got 4 symbols lie in a row starting on the right or left of the reel, you can see the number on the row ”XXXX” and the column “YYYY” under said symbol. After that you will multiply your line bet by this number as you have seen above, eventually you will know the amount of money that you have earned. If you receive reward combinations on many lines, you can count all of them in to get the final winning money. The symbols also need to stand in one line starting from the right or left of the reel to be recognized as hits. If a payline contains two winning combinations; for example, you get two steering wheel symbols counted from the rightmost and three tire symbol counted from the leftmost, you will be rewarded  both of the combinations. In the situation that you get five symbols lie in the same row, you will be rewarded only once. There is a difference between the total bet and the line bet. The total bet tells you how much you pay out in the Highway King slot free download betting round. On the other hand, the line bet will represent the amount bets you make per payline. Remind yourself that the payouts that are displayed in the paytable will be multiplied by the line bet, not by the total bet. If you receive winning combinations which are on multiple paylines, your award for each payline will increase.
  1. Wild symbol
The Red Truck symbol in the Highway King slot free download is known as the Wild symbol. This means that it will be able to substitute any symbols, similar to the way a joker acting in the card game. Moreover, the Wild symbol is capable of doubling any of your winning combination, but not in a cumulative way.

  1. Scatter Symbol
In the Highway King slot free download, the Exhaust Pipe is known as a Scatter Symbol. If you get from 2 to 5 symbols on the reels, you will be rewarded according to the table that is shown on your winning table. The Scatter winning will be counted through the multiplication of the total bet with the figure on the row of the scatter paytable. These symbols must stand consecutively from either the rightmost or leftmost of the reel. They will not need to follow any paylines. Scatter winning will be added to payline winning. If you do not have any payline winning, you will only be paid the scatter winning.

  1. Dollar Ball
The last feature of the Highway King slot that I want to introduce to is the “Dollar Ball” selection. Pressing this button which is at the top right of the playing screen will help you activate or deactivate it. It will help you get the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

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