Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Online casino Malaysia - Multi Dealer Blackjack

In online casino Malaysia games multiplayer games are fairly common. In these games as the player can simultaneously wager a number of hands against a single dealer. Online casino Malaysia has reversed this concept in its Video Blackjack game. Here a player wagers against a number of dealer's hands in the same game. What makes Video Blackjack more exciting is that the player can opt for wagering a number of player's hands against a number of dealer's hands. To illustrate how Video Blackjack works let us assume that the player has selected three dealer's hands and three player's hands. Each player hand is compared against three dealer's hands, which makes nine games in all. Therefore if the player wagers RM1 per hand then his total wager is RM9. The dealing of the cards follows the usual pattern. Two cards are dealt face up for each player hand and two cards are dealt for each dealer hand. In the dealer hand one card is dealt face down and the other is dealt face up. The face up cards is identical for all dealer hands. The player plays each hand in turn in the usual manner. Since he is playing against the same dealer face up card in all dealer hands he can employ the optimum blackjack strategy without any problem. After the player completes playing all three hands the dealer's face down cards are turned over and hands played according to blackjack rules instantly. Simultaneously the software compares each player hand with each dealer hand and awards the payouts. In order to understand how the payouts are made let us assume that the dealer's totals are 17, 19 and 24. The player's first hand busts and therefore he loses against all three dealer hands and receives no payouts. The player's second hand has a total of 20 and he wins against all three dealer hands and receives even many payouts. Against the initial wager of RM1 per hand the player gets back RM3 in winnings and RM3 as the initial wager. The player's third hand has a total of 18. He therefore wins against two of the dealer hands and receives RM2 in winnings and RM2 as the initial wager. Therefore against the total initial wager of RM9 the player gets back RM10. The outcome is displayed graphically in a very clear manner. Below each of the player's hands are three boxes. The green box indicates the number of wins for this hand, the orange box indicates the number of pushes and the red box indicates the number of losses. When the cursor is moved over the green box the dealer hands that have lost are highlighted and the other hands fade away. This makes it easy for the player to make the comparison and understand what is happening. This graphical representation will be especially helpful to new players. The flexibility that Video Blackjack offers is awesome. The player can choose from 3 dealer hands to 50 dealer hands and from 1 player hand to 5 player hands. At the highest choices the player will be playing 250 hands simultaneously. The betting range varies from RM0.10 per hand to RM50 per hand and therefore high rollers can have a ball.(See more at here)

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