Monday, 14 March 2016

5 reel slot game machine

5 reel slot game machine is one of the most popular games in present. This game is made by wheel which has many symbols. The purpose here is, those symbols need to achieve required payline for players can win bounty. Based on the different kinds of game, different kinds which people can win payline with different quantity. In this circumstance, 5 reel slot machine will raise winning opportunity for players. The bounty is calculated based on what slot machine players see in Pay Table in the upper. In here, we will see it concurrently with total accumulated bounty in progress of playing game.
Players have to mouse – click the button + or – in slot machine to choose coin value. If players play with 10 coins, they can increase the value up to 25 coins by clicking + to up to 25 coins. If players want to play with 1 coin, then just click continuously + until the value 1 coin appears. The highest value that players can bet is 10 coins.
Players have to choose how many coins they play each time. Each game, you can bet a coin (pressing Bet one) to 3 coins (pressing Bet max). Each time of clicking on Bet one also will raise coin number. Betting a coin will allow players to play with the first Pay Table. Betting 2 coins will allow players to play with the second Pay Table. Betting 3 coins will allow players to play with the third Pay Table, concurrently achieving the highest bounty.
Click on Bet max, it means you bet 3 coins, 3 wheels will move automatically. If players bet 1 or 2 coins, he has to press Spin to activate wheel. At the right nearly Spin, there is a button Auto. Pressing this button after betting, machine will be activated 2 seconds later.
If players achieve winning combination, he will base on how many coins of betting you win in Pay Table.
The combination of accumulated bounty is based on Pay Table. The accumulated bounty will set time of updating to display total accumulated bounty players have. Attention! When using trial, players can see real accumulated bounty. When achieving accumulated bounty, total money directly is corresponding with player’s betting money. If it is the highest bet then players will achieve all accumulated bounty. If it is other bet then accumulated bounty will be based on payment rate.
In any winning combination, players can choose to double bounty. Based on twinkling symbol on button, players can double bounty from 2 to 64 times. Using Cash out to stop double bet and retrieve all winning money you achieve. Attention! Winning double bet is limited. If activating auto function then slot machine will not double the bet.
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