Monday, 20 June 2016

Main Gameplay Tips for Dolphin play

Game Rules of the Dolphin slot
The instruction below details the roles for the base Dolphin slot, the agent/ free signal and some characteristics. 
Free and Besprinkle
Additional blue dolphin
Sea blue additional dolphin is free and agent for all signals.  All agencies wins are doubled!
Occur on rounds number 2, number 3 and number 4 only.
Blue Dolphin is free and agents for all signals but [blue additional dolphins]
Gold Dolphin exists on rounds number 2, number 3, number 4 and number 5 in Wild slot only.
Enjoy more than 21 free slot games
Bundles of free blue dolphins are bonus to the round of number 2, number 3, number 4 and number 5
12 [the additional dolphin] = 21 wild rounds
11 [the additional dolphin] = 18 wild rounds
10 [the additional dolphin] = 15 bonus rounds
9   [the additional dolphin] = 12 bonus rounds
8   [the additional dolphin] = 9 bonus rounds
7   [the additional dolphin] = 6 bonus rounds
6   [the additional dolphin] = 3 bonus rounds
Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5
(Every round representing symbol of 4 stacked Blue Dolphins)
Wild slot may be retriggered.  Wilds slots are done at the triggering rows and gamble.

Main Gameplay Tips for Dolphin play
This is a 40-game. The reels have been carefully arranged to ensure a greater number of multiple coinciding wins across the 40 lines.
Both the Wild Blue Bonus Dolphin and Wild Gold Dolphin symbols double all pays they appear in. There are multiple stacks of Wild symbols in both base games and free games, ensuring many of the games wins include the Doubled Pays.
Unlike most games, the triggering symbol in Dolphin Gold is also the Wild symbol, and appears stacked on a reel. This allows for up to 4 triggering Blue Bonus Dolphin symbols to appear per reel. The bonus will be triggered with any 6 or more Blue Bonus Dolphin symbols appearing somewhere on reels number 2, number 3 or number 4.
Big Wins can be achieved on the triggering event, since triggering signals are also Doubling Wild signs.
The Dolphin connection is formed so that the Dolphin slot exists to dive into the signal below it, forming a very interesting stacked compensation.
Multiple “win form” connected compensations & random compensation occur across the Reel Screen, immersing the player into the underwater world we have formed.
BIG WIN anniversaries consist racing Sea Horses, ambling across the screen discharging out blue coins.
Apprehension blows up (triggered from any 4 Blue Additional Dolphin signals, with animation bounding the round being chased for the remaining triggered signals.
Double Up characteristics (in Flash type only) with ensemble to quadruple winners and with number 5 in a reel winning anniversary.

Rules for game of Dolphin slot
All gambling money pay from left to right, but besprinkles which trigger addition with number 6 or more in some places.  All winners on chosen rows only but besprinkles. 
The greatest winner is only on every row.  Winners on different lines are bonus.  Reel wins multiplied by credits gamble each row.
Multifunction avoids all pays and plays.  The theoretical return to users is 95.303%

Free slot characteristic
Additional Dolphin exist respectively.
During Wild slot, assemblages of Blue Dolphins are bonus to rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5.
The Wild game characteristic can be retriggered.
Free Games are played at the rows and gamble of the trigger slot.
Free Game wins are bonus to pay line and besprinkle winners.
The RTP is 95.30% 
At the biggest best, the greatest return achievable each reel is £28,900 (or available exchange). The aforementioned maximum return exist gamble. Some connected additional event return would be a bonus to a return each reel.

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